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NOT SO MANY YEARS AGO, everything came easy to Phil Galloway. He just couldn't miss. When the Leafs won the cup in 1967, he was the guy who snapped that famous picture, and at the same moment, he won the biggest bet of his life. Now it's 1974, and things have changed. Between overspending and a string of bad bets, Phil has a serious debt problem. His wife Kayla, who used to light up his life, doesn't seem to have that spark for him anymore. And their son Stanley is more out of control than ever. The good news is,  Phil's business partner has a blackbuster deal in the works.

Stanley has always been a mystery. In elementary school, he was so badly behaved they moved him to a private boys school. Seven years later he's gotten expelled from there too, so he's transferring to a local high school. The Galloways have just moved into a new neighbourhood and this could be the fresh start they need. The neighbours from two doors over are really nice, and Stanley's new friends have - rough edges aside - welcomed him with open arms. There are some positive signs, but to say Stanley has changed overnight is a stretch. There have already been a few phone calls home.

Phil has his hands full right now. He's willing to commit to this family stuff, but they have to understand: the deal is priority number one. Kayla and Stanley's issues will to work themselves out one way or another. Besides, there's nothing so wrong with Kayla and Stanley that a stack of cash won't fix. For Phil, it's simple: he just gets in his Lincoln every day and puts his foot on the gas. Everybody can just get out of the way because something big and life-changing is not far down the road.

Mr. Galloway's wife, Kayla Levine, also known as Kay Levy. Shown here in the 1958 film, "Tunnel to Freedom."