Toronto, 1974. The CN Tower is under construction.

     Seven years ago, in 1967, Phil Galloway was a household name in this town. He couldn’t walk down the street, much less drive his Lincoln, without people stopping to say: “Hey, that’s the guy who took the Leafs picture.”

     Phil still looks pretty good. So much for appearances. Phil’s teenage son Stanley is completely out of control. His wife Kayla is not in a good place. She thinks she may have something she read about, Dystychiphobia. Booze, pills and weed help only so much. To make the family portrait complete, Phil is addicted to gambling, heavily in debt and trying to shake a bad losing streak by constantly raising the stakes.

     Annoying teens you later regret disliking. A bad hockey team with way too much power over a city. People whose urges are more important than their relationships. “How This is Going to End” is a story about a man who needs a big time win to restore order to his life.

     The story begins with a brief court scene. Phil is somehow involved in an accident and an unrelated theft. It cuts to Phil picking up Stanley from the boys school from which he has just been expelled. Back at home, Kayla has met the neighbours, a friendly, stable family who are the exact kind of people the Galloways need in their lives.

     The court scenes begin each part.

     For Phil and Kayla, the fulfillment of desires has always been their family culture. At his new high school, Stanley quickly gets pegged as an unfathomable kid who is never far from trouble. His new friends line up to bond over weed, girls, music and making life hell for a sweet, patient teacher who is near retirement.

     But there’s always hope and the possibility of change. Phil receives, but rejects, sound advice. He has brief bouts of conscience and responsibility. Kayla gets a chance to reprise a former career as an adult film star of near-cult status. The arrival of a new teacher at school energizes and organizes the kids around their love for rock and roll. And Phil’s closest friend and business partner, Marty, offers a stake in a blockbuster deal.

     The trouble is, even with ample warning signs and his stated desire to be a better family man, Phil continues down the wrong roads...

     Find out how this is going to end.


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