I GREW UP the middle child in a family of five. Born in Montreal, I have lived in Oakville, Winnipeg, Halifax and Toronto, which has been my home since 1991. I teach grade 7 and 8 English at a school in the west end of Toronto, where I also enjoy coaching. The dream of writing a novel began in the mid 1980's as a student of English Literature at McGill University, and became a goal a few years ago.  The three biggest supporters of my writing endeavours are my wife Sue, my mom Peggy, and my writing mentor, Barbara Florio Graham.  I have four wonderful kids who are in their teens and twenties. For some pictures that are directly or indirectly related to the novel, see the photos page.


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I first envisioned writing this novel a few years ago just after watching the Toronto Maple Leafs lose. Again. I was staring out the window, feeling inexplicably anguished. The grainy reflection of my face in the window pane seemed at one with the November night. The words of a university professor came to mind: "Through a glass darkly, and then face to face." I imagined all the people out there, and the strange places they choose to put their hope. "How This is Going to End" is planned as a three-part series. It's about a man who desperately wants to go back to a time in his life when the world was in perfect order. His way forward is driven by a need to recapture that past. When he was a winner. And this was a winner's town.

Chris Higgins