CROWN: Please state your name.

Witness: Phillip Galloway.

Crown: And are you the father of the accused, Stanley Galloway?

Witness: Yes, sir.

Crown: And did you not just appear in another courtroom in this building to be charged with theft?

Witness: Yes, sir.

Crown: And were you the owner of the vehicle that was involved in the accident?

Witness: Yes, sir.


     NOT SO MANY YEARS AGO, everything came easy to Phil Galloway. When the Leafs won the cup in 1967, he was the guy who snapped that famous picture. At the same moment, he won the biggest bet of his life.

     Flash forward to 1974. Phil still has a serious taste for high stakes excitement. But he's had such a run of bad luck that even his bookie is urging caution. At home, his wife Kayla - who used to light up his life - doesn't seem to have that spark for him anymore. And their son Stanley is more out of control than ever. The good news is Phil's business partner has a blockbuster deal in the works.

          Everything is about to change.

    STANLEY has a lot of expensive stuff. Cameras. A dirt bike. A gun. He loves Mad magazine and a bunch of others that Phil got him. For some reason, probably because everyone else hates the guy, he really likes Nixon. Stanley plays electric guitar. He steals weed and booze from his parents. He's  pretty popular with the kids at his new school.  Stanley is an idea guy. They just suddenly appear and he really has no control over them. Stanley's idol is Evel Kneivel. The only thing he really likes about his dad is his Lincoln.


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Mr. Galloway's wife, Kayla Levine, also known as Kay Levy. Shown here in the 1958 film, "Tunnel to Freedom."